From Dental Assistant to Beauty

I was working as dantal assistant for all most 11 years.
But it was not my dream job. My dreams was to work with beauty. All most 2 years ago my life changed, my journey started at Nicci welsh academy
life changing. I have learned so much from Nicci and her team.
I started my own lash line because my passion for beauty my passion for makeup have given me the strength to go forward with my dreams. One year ago I started my own lash line. And the first place I launch my Lashes was in my beloved country North of Iraq-Kurdistan.
I really felt that the girls and women need to have high good quality of Lashes In Kurdistan. It was my biggest mission. And it was so successful. Blessed
Now is my other biggest mission is to be part of the Scandinavian and let them love the lashes as much as my beautiful Kurdish girls do.
Beauty is about giving power to women, let them express who they want to be no matter who they are, and play around with trends and situations.

As a beauty influencer, and a brand. I feel I have a responsibility towards women. To me, beauty is not about how much you spend, but how great and self-confident you feel.

I am putting the same honesty and selection into my own product, I spend so much time picking up the right
looking for the best quality and If there is no excitement when I receive the samples, it is simply not the right fit. Our mission is to create quality eyelashes to complete any look, whether it is for everyday or for going out. Our lashes are hand-tied, which increases the quality and durability of the lashes, so by good care, you can use the eyelashes up to 20-25 times.


Sazan Amin

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